Absan Sazeh Apadana Engineering Company

Absan Sazeh Apadana Engineering Company is ready to provide all technical and engineering services in the field of implementing all industrial water treatment projects, steel wastewater treatment, human sanitary wastewater treatment package, as well as providing treatment plant equipment such as fat The trap and septic tank are for water purification projects in cities and industrial towns.

  • Providing advice to industrial towns, various industries and related organizations in the field of designing and implementing industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Design and implementation of water purification systems using membrane technology (MF microfiltration, UF ultrafiltration, NF nanofiltration and RO reverse osmosis) to supply water needed by all industries and desalination of salty water for drinking and health purposes.
  • Design and construction of resin hardeners
  • Design and implementation of ion-free water production systems for use in various industries
  • Design and construction of drinking water treatment plant in cities and villages (surface and underground water sources)
  • Design and implementation of facilities and equipment for garbage collection and clarification of water and sewage
  • Design and implementation of urban wastewater treatment plant (aeration lagoon, conventional activated sludge, extensive aeration system, advanced systems to remove nitrogen and phosphorus,…)
  • Designing and manufacturing sanitary waste water treatment packages in hotels, restaurants, welfare-entertainment complexes, residential complexes, educational and military centers, hospitals and medical centers,…)
  • Design and construction of industrial wastewater treatment systems in industrial towns and factories using chemical, physical and biological methods (UASB, UABR, MBR, MBBR, activated sludge systems, aeration lagoon,…)
  • Providing disinfection and disinfection systems for water and sewage using chlorination, ozonation and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection methods.
  • Design and implementation of urban and industrial wastewater treatment systems for discharging into the environment in compliance with all the standards of Iran’s environmental organization
  • Design and implementation of advanced urban and industrial wastewater treatment systems in order to reuse treated wastewater in industry and agriculture
  • Water transmission lines, storage tanks and water distribution network in urban, rural, industrial areas…
  • Design and construction of sewage collection networks in urban, rural, industrial areas…
  • Setting up and operation, maintenance and repairs, support and supply of equipment and parts for all urban and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems and facilities.