Providing technical engineering services and implementing water and sewage projects


Engineering consulting

Engineering and design consulting in water and sewage projects (urban, rural and industrial) including first and second stage studies, design, calculation and drawing of maps required for each project

Construction and supply of equipment

Cprrect selection of equipment with desirable technical specifications as well as their correct installation in the treatment plant (such as grease trap, human sanitary wastewater treatment package and septic tank)


The engineering supervision of the implementation in the third phase includes the intended result of the construction of the treatment plant. A strong supervision based on all technical and legal regulations.

Installation, commissioning and operation

After the construction of the treatment plant structure, equipment and communications must be installed in the treatment plant site in accordance with the standards and technical standards. Pre-startup tests and system troubleshooting before dewatering the structure and starting the system

Upgrade, modify and recycle

Structures and instructions of water and sewage treatment plants, like any structure and equipment, have a useful life. The end of the useful life means that the structure and equipment no longer have the ability to meet the desired standards and must be replaced


Design and implementation of advanced treatment systems

Urban and industrial wastewater for the purpose of treated watewater in industry and agriculture

Commissioning, operation and maintenance

Support and supply of equipment and parts for all urban and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems and facilities

Designing and manufacturing sanitary wastewater treatment packages

In hotels, restaurants, welfare-entertainment complexses, residential complexes, educational and military centers, hospitals and medical centers

Design and construction of industrial watewater treatment

In industrial towns and factories using chemical, physical and biological methods of activated sludge systems, aeration lagoons