Oil Skimmer

Oil skimmers are effective devices to oil removal from water. The floating oil stick to skimming media, such as a belt, tube, rope, or disk. The media then travels back into the equipment and is wiped clean. Weir style skimmers (Floating Skimmer) use a flexible pipe or a pump to collect floating oils.

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How an Oil Skimmer Works?

All oil skimmers work based on the fluid properties of specific gravity and surface tension. Most of them like belt oil skimmer use a moving medium to remove floating oil from the fluid’s surface. Floating oil and grease adhere to skimming media more readily than water. This allows media in the shape of a belt, to pass through the fluid surface and pick up floating oil and grease while rejecting most of the water. The oily material is subsequently removed from the media with wiper blades or pinch rollers.

Choosing the Right Type of Skimmer

There are several types of industrial oil skimmers. Choosing one best suited for your application will maximize oil removal while minimizing capital outlay and skimmer operating costs.

You may define the application in terms of the following characteristics:

  • Operating conditions
  • Hazardous materials
  • Temperature/viscosity
  • Skimmed water content
  • Residual oil
  • Portability
  • Tank or sump characteristics
  • Size, design, shape, and location installation

Boom – fence

A fence boom is an impervious fence-like spill containment structure which use for oil spills control on the water’s surface.
Fence booms are lightweight and ideal for emergency response in calm or sheltered waters such as harbours, rivers or ponds.
This fence boom can be easily stored on location for rapid deployment in storerooms, shipping containers or any other suitable facility. These marine booms are available in a variety of sizes for different environments and uses.

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