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Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technology is widely recognized to offer the most effective and economical process options currently available. From small scale systems (5m3/d), through to very large scale desalination (over 500 m3/d), RO can handle most naturally occurring sources of brackish and seawaters. Permeate waters produced satisfy most currently applicable standards for the quality of drinking or industrial waters
RO can reduce regeneration costs and waste when used independently, in combination or with other processes, such as ion exchange
An entire reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment system consists of the pretreatment section, the membrane element section, and the post-treatment section. Pretreatment equipment such as sand filter, activated carbon filter, microfilter and/or ultrafilter. Post-treatment is employed to achieve the required product quality. In seawater desalination, this is usually pH adjustment, rehardening and disinfection. In ultrapure water (UPW) production, the permeate is usually post-treated by polishing ion exchange demineralization

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