Mechanical grit collection in velocity-controlled channels and aerated grit chambers is achieved by conventional equipment with scrapers, screws, buckets, plows, or some combination of these. In some instances steep bottom slopes and artificial velocities (aerated chambers) are created that tend to move the settled grit to a central point for removal.
Grit removal is accomplished by tubular conveyors and grit pumps. In small aerated chambers, air pumps are also used. The tubular conveyors use a pipe in which there is an endless chain coupled with rubber flights. A portion of the pipe is mounted in the bottom of the hopper with the top of the pipe opened to allow grit to fall into a container between the flights.
The Common grit and grease travelling bridge consists of a complete travelling bridge with drive unit, mechanical scrapers for collection of sediment and submersible pump unit (optional) for collection of settled grit.

پل لجن روب بیمارستان حکیم


In mechanized sedimentation tanks, the type of sludge collection equipment varies with size and shape of the tank.
Rectangular Tanks. In rectangular tanks the sludge collection equipment may consist of (1) a pair of endless conveyor chains running over sprockets attached to the shafts or (2) moving-bridge sludge collectors having a scraper to push the sludge into the hopper or a suction-type arrangement to withdraw the sludge from the basin. Design details and advantages and disadvantages of these types of sludge collection equipment are summarized in Table below.

Preiphreal Sludge Bridge
Preiphreal Sludge Bridge
Circular Tanks. The circular tanks utilize two types of sludge collection equipment:
۱. The scraping mechanism is installed with radial arms having plows set at an angle supported on center pier or on a beam spanning the tank. The clarifiers in excess of 10 m in diameter normally have a central pier, while the clarifiers with smaller diameter utilize beam support. The flight travel speed is 0.02-0.06 revolutions/min.
۲. Suction-type units are used for handling light sludge. The suction mechanism is installed similar to the scraping mechanism.

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